Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Life before Death

Turn the page on another lonely chapter,
The train moves on yet I look past her,
Stare into the darkness I know so well,
Drawn to it's depths to which I fell,
I laugh and smile in a lunatic fashion,
For I must be mad to keep on laughing,
Disturbed I suppose wrought in frail clothes,
The shell slowly cracks as the light only grows,
Emanating within this fire bursts with sin,
Surrounded by youth in pursuit of education,
Where do I belong this is no longer my song,
I wrath and wicked to quell this hatred,
Time ill spent so lost I cannot repent,
I wander alone down this dark dismal road,
Searching for solace as this soul erode,
Cling to the hope of a bright happy future,
Cynical nature always pulls at the suture,
Yet I always repair this worn out bandage,
Nurture the wisdom that my doubts are outlandish,
My eyes remain fixed on that golden horizon,
The wind at my back I will keep on climbing,
The mountain is steep yet I can see the top clearly,
Images of oceans that no longer breathe salty,
My destiny is mine and I will make it known,
My name is not Death and it is my Life that I own.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Flying Colors

Torn between the life I want and the life I lead,

Tormented by my past and lost time I bleed,

Fears echo slow as the sand trickles on,

Circling that spiral so downward and long,

I've been here before yet I always remisce,

Chasing that dragon for a moment of bliss,

My mind weighs heavy with thoughts I see,

Yearning for change it wants to be free,

Yet the shackles of fate are bound so tight,

Pinned my soul to the fire with grievous might,

I turn away from the flame and I stir insane,

Unable to deter this crisis of blame,

Progress is made but it's always relaxed,

Indecision and sorrow trickle along the tracks,

The train is coming and I know it's on course,

Pushing me along with it's positive force,

Even though I wander for a while,

Taking my time to find my smile,

My heart knows this is not the final mile,

The road is long and I will survive this trial,

Guided by the light and the sun up above,

Resound my passion and feel true love,

For one day it will be clear that it all was a test,

Will I pass with flying colors before my final rest?

Monday, October 6, 2014

Red Dragonfly

The time may flow like the wind on a calm day,

Or rush like a torrent as it all turns gray,

A brief detour on this most fateful tale,

The tide is heavy yet the brave prevail,

I turn into the wind to catch a glimpse,

Fight my demons and ever since,

The wind seems cruel in the piercing gale,

Like a thousand needles why so frail,

The harbinger looms near with a wicked smile,

Cloaked as a red dragonfly for this trial,

It flutters close so I can see it tremor,

The wind cast away it's final glimmer,

Till one day we may see it fly again,

But for now it sinks and shall never swim

Monday, September 12, 2011

Silent Daze

Life turns as my wisdom discerns,

The reason for meaning constantly gleaming,

Intake my dragon I breathe out the flames,

Taken for granted my diaphanous wings,

Wither and wicked I wait for a while,

Staring blankly at the last long trial,

Those I hold close fall into blur,

I do not see you I'm sorry sir,

My vision is focused on this one solemn space,

Blind to those I choose not to face,

The emptiness consumes yet I feel so warm,

Collapse my synapses and do no harm,

Did you call, for I am not here today,

I've checked out and prefer it that way,

Oh yes my body is present yet my mind relents,

I'm traveling in my world where comets commence,

Flashing through the pieces of my past,

Laughing or crying the moments don't last,

Sudden surge to reality as a question is asked,

Very good I've answered your request,

Silence begins as my silent daze beckons,

Where do I go when my mind wanders,

What do they think as I sit and ponder,

Derisive comments about one's mental currents,

Yet where anger should appear I simply stare,

Caught in the tunnel I've claimed to repair,

Till one day when my eyes fail to see,

A familiar darkness, for my world is me

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Oh my hero

As the tide flows by I shed a soft tear,

For all the souls to which I hold dear,

When will it end this sorrowful journey,

Amidst blood and guts and all of us surely,

When the sun sets dim and all is left to sink in,

As my ship sets sail on the noon so frail,

Where will I go when my sails are cut short,

The wind grows calm and I lie still distort,

A wicked storm approaches oh sorrowful sailor,

Which direction will my fortune favor,

A capsized vessel in the vast ocean blue,

Of all the conquests I've left to pursue,

Wax and wane this pale harbinger moon,

Eclipse my fate and hero please not too soon,

The time is at an end as the scythe reaps descend,

I turn to the north as my flesh spews forth,

Face your enemy with a solemn face,

I feel not even a shred of disgrace,

For the battle was well-fought,

I forsake thoughts of distraught,

With my last breath I sing of times past,

With my sails falling low upon the mast,

I refuse to be a desolate outcast,

Let me rest with the reign of kings,

As the sirens spread tales of my gentle wings

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sudden Torrent

I wake to find the world unwind,

Thoughts I lost come swimming by,

I glance their way and fall prey,

For once I turned my head but not today,

How long has it been since it really sunk in,

Spent so much time just to root out the sin,

When all comes crashing in a horrendous flood,

Will you turn your back once again or shed your blood,

A vicious embrace as the mind continues through space,

No longer dampened by the chemicals I long to taste,

Torment flows through with unrelenting pursuit,

Now that you're here they all circle and jeer,

I retreat to calm this shattered mentality,

Bring thoughts back to congeniality,

They fall short of the goal I turn to my soul,

Where did I go wrong oh holy sir,

There is no right or wrong all is a blur,

We dance in the flames brought forth through pain,

Yet at the end of it all whose left to blame,

Cast your doubts far from your mind,

Acceptance most difficult of all to find

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two face

The moonlight shadow shines upon my soul,

As the schism rends it's heavy toll,

One side for good, the other seeks evil,

Twisted in torment they strive for upheaval,

I compromise for one yet the other seems undone,

As if the tilting of the scales is the wrong move,

The perfect balance maintain or else consume,

I wrath and wicked for all the world is doom,

Pick your poison my son and choose well,

For we only get one chance before we descend to hell,

Make the most of this shattered opportunity,

As fire breathes death upon all of us surely,

I dance in the flames betwixt those insane,

Wondering and lamenting why we suffer such pain,

Wouldn't it be easier to simply not exist,

Not one for all but one for that we miss,

Is it a selfish thing to wish to be void,

To allow the darkness to swallow us whole,

Like a grain of sand in the abyss of space,

Floating we are in this cosmic place,

One morsel to which the galaxy revolves,

We are the center as our nature devolves,

The two faces split and form their dimension,

Thus is created our mortal coil retention